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Keep Them Out of the Kitchen: Puppet Show

Puppet Show

Need a little help keeping the kids busy while you are busy in the kitchen this Thanksgiving? Caravan has you covered! With the Stay Out of the Kitchen Playtime Kit, you may have time to actually get that delicious meal done on time.


The kit comes with great printables for your kids to play with, including some adorable finger puppets. Using only scissors, tape, wood sticks, and the prints, we made these festive puppets ready for a show.


First cut the finger puppets out along the dotted lines. If your kids are old enough to use scissors on their own, have them make their own puppets. More time for you! Wrap the base of the puppet around the top of the stick and secure in place with tape. You may use glue, but less mess from the kids is key when you’re making your own mess in the kitchen. Kids can do a lot less damage with tape than with glue.

Puppet Show

Set up a couple chairs and drape a blanket or table cloth over them. If you have a bunch of kids in the house, have them take turns creating puppet shows for each other. If you only have a couple to keep occupied, set the “stage” up by the kitchen and have them keep you entertained while you cook! Hopefully you’ll have all the time you need to get that homemade dinner on the table, but if you need just a few minutes, request an encore.

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