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By admin on 2013-09-25

Thanks to Paging Supermom we are able to feature a new way to hang your wall art! We love the way they weighted the art, so simple, yet the perfect touch to this artwork!



– Two 3/4-inch dowels that are 48-inches long

-Elmer’s liquid “Glue All”

-Two Screw eyes

-Fishing Line or string of your choice

Directly from Paging Supermom:

“To glue, we laid the poster with the right-side down on the ground then ran a squiggly line of glue along the entire edge. We smoothed out the glue with a foam brush so there was a thin layer of glue going from the edge inward about 3/4 inch. We set the dowel into the glue and let stand for about 5 minutes. Then we ran another line of glue along the inside crack between the dowel and the poster, and then we rolled the dowel into the glue.  We used our fingers to gently smooth the poster around the dowel. There is not enough poster to wrap completely around the dowel, but it goes around about half way.  Repeat for the other side of the poster.”

Caravan Artowrk

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