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How to Cut your Caravan Prints like a Pro


My favorite thing about the Caravan Shop is that you can have beautiful prints for an amazing price. Most prints, will need to be cut after printed. Your print shop can can cut the prints for you but it may cost a little extra. If you want to save that bit of money, or get home and realize you forgot to have them cut (like I do all the time), have no fear! You can cut them yourself and have them look just as good as what the pros would do! All you need is a self-healing cutting mat, a metal ruler with a cork back, and a sharp razor blade.

lining up

Start by placing the print on your self-healing cutting mat. I really like using the grids as guidelines.


Place you ruler, cork side down, along where you plan to cut. Caravan prints come with cutting guides directly on their prints to make this even easier! Hold the ruler firmly with you non-dominant hand. Hold your hand so that no finger tips are hanging over the edge.


With your dominant hand, place the razor tip along the ruler, on the mat, a half-inch or so before your print. In one swift and controlled motion, run the blade along the ruler.

yes and no

While cutting your print, make sure you hold the razor perpendicular to the ruler. Do not hold at an angle! Holding it at a 90 degree angle will give your print that professionally cut look.


After you’ve run the razor along the ruler once, don’t move the hand that’s on the ruler! Set the razor blade down and check to see if your cut went completely though. If it didn’t, run the blade along the paper again until it is completely cut. By keeping the ruler in place, you will be able to cut over the exact same line again and again. If your paper is thick, you may have to run the razor several times along the ruler.

Now the next time you need to cut your prints yourself, you can still get that professionally cut look.

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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