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My little family and I are in the middle of moving and thanks to the Embrace the Possible Organization Kit, it has been both smooth and organized (two things that I am not! Ha!). Here’s how to make your upcoming move easy breezy using the kit:

Embrace the possible kit

To start, get yourself a fun clipboard to store all the moving paper work. You will end up with all sorts of receipts and notes that you won’t want to misplace. Keep track of them using your clipboard. In the Embrace the Possibilities Organization Kit, there are several darling weekly planning sheets. The weeks can start on both Sunday and Monday, depending on your preference. Print out several of these sheets and plan your days out in as much detail as possible. Keep your schedule at the top of your clipboard to keep you on track. I found that planning to box up specific rooms on certain days made packing go really smooth. I stayed on schedule knowing that I only had a certain amount of time to get the room I was working on done.

Embrace the possible kit

One of the handiest things that comes with this kit is the meal planner. Trying to move food can be a hassle or a waste if you’re moving far away. As much as you want to hold on to your ice cream stash, it probably won’t survive a 500 mile move. So sad. Use the meal planning page to write out all the food items you need to use up before the big move and cross them off as you work through them. This has helped so much in both trying to use up food and keeping meal planning during this time easy. It’s great to look at my page, see that cheese and tortillas need to be eaten, and know we’re making quesadillas for dinner!

Embrace the possible kit

Lastly, print off the happy scrap paper to keep reminders close by. Moving can be chaotic, so keep everything you need to do written down.

Now that you’re completely organized, are you in need of some packing tips? Check out these amazing posts loaded with tips to help with your packing:
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Good luck to you and I hope this helps you have a smooth move!

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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