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Christmas in July Sale!

Every Christmas we swear we are going to get all the shopping and wrapping done ahead of time so that we can enjoy the baking, sledding and carolers. But then December 23rd comes around and we are still up to eyeballs in last minute gifting. We miss all the fun and stress about all the work.
Not this year.

This year we are getting all of our Christmas crafting and neighbor gifting done five months early. This year we will have time to bake, this year we will have time to sled and this year we will have time to hear those darn carolers. And we want you to hear those sweet Christmas songs, too.

For the next two days, any Caravan Shoppe product that you want to make ahead of the Christmas rush is 30-50% off. Let’s get all of the elves work done this summer so that we can actually enjoy the holiday in December.

Who’s in?

Christmas in July

1 – Winter Olliblocks

2 – Christmas Tags

3 – Deck the Halls

4 – Match that Monkey

Written by Meg from Meg In Progress

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