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4th of July – Meg C

The Fourth of July is nearly upon us with all of its color bursting in the sky and watermelons meeting their chilled ends on picnic tables all over the country.  I suppose in contrast to other holidays the fourth doesn’t have too much to brag too loudly about. No one gets dressed up, there is no door to door scheme for candy and one would be hard pressed to find a tree covered in tinsel towering over presents and cookies. I can acknowledge these deficiencies, certainly every holiday could be improved with the addition of a mythical character or gift giving.

But I have to say, good ol’ Independence Day is my favorite official holiday of the every loving year. I adore its smells and sounds. I appreciate its simplicity. I love that it is spent with friends and family. I am comforted that for a moment we are all equals, eating hot dogs off paper plates and staring at a sky full of fireworks like a bunch of ten year old kids. Wonder with a side of chips and dip?

Yeah. I can get behind that.

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Written by Meg from Meg in Progress

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