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30 Things to do this Summer

It’s here! Summer is definitely here!

When I was a little one, my sisters and I used to go to my grandmothers house and make perfume. She would pull out old baby food jars, we’d each get to pick a rose out of their garden. We would smash the rose pedals in the jars with a little water. Once all of the smashing was done, we would dab the “perfume” on our necks and wrists, with our new perfume we were quite the little ladies. (No matter how gross that perfume actually smelled!)

So when your kids are telling you for the 37th time today that they are bored, just keep scrolling because, we’ve got a (reasonable!) summertime list just for you!

1. Write a nice note to someone you love. Just because. Don’t forget, ALL of our stationery is absolutely free!


2. Keep the kids up late and stargaze in the backyard.

3. Play with sidewalk chalk (have you seen this sidewalk paint?)

4. Have a water fight. Take them by surprise!

5. Play with water balloons.

6. Run through the sprinklers.

7. Go to the pool.

8. Jump rope.

9. Plant a garden. – Let them be in charge of their own plant for the summer!

10. Go to a carnival.

11. Encourage reading – take many library trips!

12. Get snow cones.

20. Sponsor a lemondade stand.

21. Roast s’mores.

22. Let the little ones stay up late.

23. Take a family bike ride!

24. Make homemade ice cream.

25. Have a car wash in your driveway.

26. Make sailboats and have races down a stream.

27. Feed ducks.

28. Go to the zoo.

29. Make Root Beer floats.

30. Go on a hike.

We hope this list will get you started in the best summer yet!

Written by Holly from Mrs Mateer

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