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#365patterns Round-up

In case you’re just joining in, each week we’ve been rounding up our favorite patterns from our Instagram #365patterns challenge. We have discovered so many new designers and have made some great friends so far this year and have had so much fun learning and growing together as artists. If you’d like to join in, you can submit your patterns on Instagram by simply tagging them with the #365patterns hashtag. If you’d like to share your favorite patterns with us, you can just tag us in a comment on that photo and we’ll be sure to check it out!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support throughout this project! We can’t wait to see the patterns these coming weeks and months bring.


Color coordinated patterns by @gooseberrymoon@almaloveland@studiopano


More color coordinated patterns by @einekleineds@muffinhgrayson@bityart


Bright and cheery patterns by @earthcadets@angiesandy@almaloveland


A few fun outdoor patterns by @tammiecbennett@angiesandy@bityart


And a few more by @muffinhgrayson@plumstreetprints@patternandco

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