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#365patterns Round-up

Happy May, everyone! It’s been a wonderful week of sunshine and flower picking and we can tell by your patterns that you guys are just as excited for summer and warm weather as we are! Our patterns feed was full of floral patterns this week and we can’t tell you how much your designs brightened our week. We can’t wait to see more summer inspired patterns throughout the next few months.

May roundup-03

Floral patterns from @helgavaradi, @bityart@gooseberrymoon

May roundup-01

And more floral patterns from @stephfizercoleman@fifthandhazel@einekleineds

May roundup-02

And a few MORE florals from @patternandco@witee@printsmitten

May roundup-05

An animal pattern from @helgavaradi, plus a few odes to Star Wars from @fifthandhazel and @almaloveland (May the 4th “be with you” HA) from

May roundup-04

Geometric patterns from @angiesandy@lillianburns4@einekleineds

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