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Tips & Tricks: Using Our Free Prints

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photo via Elise Joy’s Instagram feed

We always love seeing how our customers use our products in their homes and it has been especially exciting to see everyone’s reactions to our most recent free printable! For very little money, this print can make a great statement in a room and is a great addition to any room, whether it’s a living room or a nursery.

Today we wanted to share a few inexpensive and easy ways that you can add this print to your home.

First, shop around for a vintage pants hanger. You can usually find them at local thrift stores for less than a dollar. They are great for displaying large prints and will look wonderful holding any of our chalk art prints.

Second, you can buy a simple black piece of foam core, mount the print on it with spray glue and then trim it to the size of your print. It’s such an easy solution that looks wonderful in your home, people will think it’s a frame, we promise.

Third, Ikea is always a good idea. This $5 frame from Ikea is a great and inexpensive framing solution for larger prints like this. Just make sure to print it a bit smaller so that it will fit with the frame.

How have you used our prints in your home? We’d love to see how you have styled them or hear about any tips and tricks you might have for making larger prints work in your home!

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