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Favorite Instagram Series & Challenges

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image via Ida Frosk’s Instagram feed

Instagram has become one of our favorite creative outlets. We are constantly inspired by those we follow and feel rejuvenated as we browse through our feeds and look at the work of all of you amazing creatives. We have been so impressed by the different series and challenges created for the space and our work has truly become better for it.

Here are a few of our favorite Instagram series and challenges to inspire you this weekend!

-We’ve mentioned Melanie Burke’s (and her daughter’s!) Unexpected Type series before, but we are LOVING it. It is such a sweet collaboration between mother and daughter and each day’s creation is full of wonder and beauty.

-There are so many food art grammers, but Ida Frosk is one of our favorites. She creates the most beautiful pieces of food art, and has recently challenged her readers to recreate their favorites. We love it when creatives not only challenge themselves, but others too.

David Schwen’s Pantone Pairings series is another favorite. For design geeks like us, it is such a fun and creative take one something that designers look at every day. But instead of pairing great colors, David has taken perfect matches, like hot chocolate and marshmallows and cake and ice cream, and given them their own pantone swatches. Check it out, you’ll love it.

We hope that you love these different series and challenges as much as we do, and that they inspire you, just like they’ve done for us. Happy weekend, dear friends!

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