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Spring Clean Your Tech

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image via Mike Loveland’s Instagram feed

Spring is here (for most of us at least!) and for me, that always means a fresh start. Time to get organized, start on new projects, to start over. And while you’ve probably already started to plan out how you’re going to tackle spring cleaning your home, have you thought about how you’ll clean up and organize your tech/online life? Here are a few tips to get you started:

11 secrets for cleaning up your tech devices

-some awesome tips for cleaning up your Pinterest boards, here and here

-plus, a great DIY to not only make things more organized, but more aesthetically pleasing

Happy weekend, everyone! Good luck with your spring cleaning this weekend!

P.S. Did you see Mike Loveland’s sneak peek at some amazing watercolor pieces he’ll be releasing in the shop soon?! We cannot WAIT to share more with you!

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