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Star Wars Inspired Wedding

Here at Caravan, we are not ashamed to flaunt our loves and hobbies, no matter how geeky other people might think they are. But who honestly thinks Star Wars is geeky? No one, right? Right. We were so thrilled to be able to contribute a few of our backgrounds and printables (yay for new items in the shop!) to this amazing Star Wars wedding shoot and even more thrilled to see it featured on Green Wedding Shoes today. You can read more over their blog, and get all the little details about everything featured, but here are a few of our favorite shots, all taken by the amazing Meg Ruth.

You can purchase this starry background (along with 7 other backgrounds!) for only $7 over in the shoppe! You can also snag the Han and Leia Love print and background for just $5! And then please host a party just like this. Even if you don’t have a wedding to celebrate.


Written by Meg Ruth from Meg Ruth Photography

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