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Thanksgiving is Around the Corner!

Thanksgiving Editor's Picks

Thanksgiving is just a week away! Are you hosting this year? Consider making a huge impact on your guests with one (or all!) of our Thanksgiving printable sets!

As we created our Thanksgiving downloads this year, we put a lot of thought into each set. What will be easy and cost effective to print? What will set the right tone of gratitude and celebration for your guests? What will involve your guests and get them talking?

Choosing our favorite pieces from each set is pretty hard to do, but here are some things that we are excited to share with our own guests this year:

Giant Thanksgiving Chalk poster.

Let Us Give a Special Thanks poster, from the Chalk It Up Dining Set: This is AMAZING. Print out this huge (enormous!) poster for just $6 at your local Staples. Tape it up to the wall, and allow your guests to write in the leaves things that they are grateful for this year. This is a great way to welcome your guests into your home, set the tone of gratitude, and open up conversation. The entire dining set is just $5 and comes with much much more than just this poster! You receive the artwork for THREE giant posters with this set, as well as placemats and circle stickers. It’s an incredible deal, and everything is very easy and very inexpensive to print!

Thanksgiving Finger Puppets.

The finger puppets from the Stay Out of the Kitchen Playtime Kit: Okay, let’s be honest. How can we just choose the finger puppets as our favorite? This kit has it all! Adorable and easy-to-print artwork will keep little fingers busy while you’re finishing up your meal prep.

Printable Feathers

The arrows and feathers from the Give Thanks Dining Set: Because your Thanksgiving feast really needs more arrows and feathers! We love these, and everything about this kit! Sara Jensen’s designs are the right combination of modern, illustrative, and colorful. As with all our downloads, we have instructions on how to use it, but you are free to use your imagination. My mom, for example, told me today that she plans on having guests write down what they are thankful for on the backs of these feathers, and hanging them from the moose antlers in her living room. True story!

Candle Wraps

Candle wraps? The If Thanks Were a Color Dining Set has candle wraps. Do you know who else is selling candle wraps? No one. That’s who! These are Melanie Burk’s brain child and make the perfect party favor for your guests. I have been the recipient of one of these candle gifts from Melanie, and I can tell you that it’s a beautiful gift that I keep in my office (my “happy place”!). Simply go to your local dollar store and find the least expensive candles they offer. You will probably find them for, well, a dollar! Print out this artwork on full-sheet sticker paper, cut it to size, and wrap it around a candle. Make one for each of your guests to take home. This incredible idea is just ONE of the downloads that you’ll get as part of our $5 If Thanks Were a Color Dining Set, and coordinates perfectly with the rest of the decor (placemats! floating leaf garland! labels!).

If you love everything we have to share, then don’t worry! We offer everything together as a $14 package. So there is no need to make up your mind. Have it all, and even use some of the artwork this year, and save some for next year, too!

Enjoy, and feel free to drop us a comment if you have any questions at all!

Designed by Sara Jensen and Melanie Burk

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