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Free Printable Party Hat

Caravan has launched and we want you to join the party!

As artists and designers, we have the privilege of creating artwork and then printing it out for ourselves for cheap! We know where to print it, we know how to print it, and we can print as much as we need for ourselves pretty inexpensively!

At Caravan, we share our art and designs with you at a low price, and allow you that same freedom of printing as much as you like, for the same prices we’d be paying to print it! Simply pay a small fee for the artwork, and you immediately receive the file as a download. Have printing jitters? Don’t worry. Our instructions help you through the process of knowing how and where to print! We also have several articles on how and where to print, and we’re here if you shoot us an email or leave us a comment because you’re not sure what to do. But everything is so straight forward that you probably won’t need any help!

All our products are digital downloads. You will be able to purchase the artwork, and print it however you like, as much as you like, whether it be for use for your home or family, or for your friends. Just remember that all artwork is for personal use only, and resale of the artwork for any reason (including craft fairs, fund raising, etc.) is prohibited.

All of our projects are easy to do, and easy to assemble, and require no advanced crafting skills! We are actually all a little intimidated by a glue gun, to be honest.

To celebrate our launch, we invite you to enjoy this free printable party hat, great for any celebration from a first birthday to a job promotion to a rainy day that’s just a little special.

We invite you to create a “Caravan” folder on your computer, where you can start collecting all your favorites! Sign up to our newsletter to receive an exclusive free download every month (as well as discounts and news!), and shop in our store for a variety of printable treasures.

Designed by Melanie Burk and Alma Loveland

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