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Thanksgiving Countdown!

It’s almost just one week to Thanksgiving, and for all the procrastinators out there, we have a solution for you! TWO NEW Thanksgiving sets! They are cheap, easy, and fast to print, and can transform your meal into an unforgettable feast with little effort!

The All That’s Gold set adds a LOT of glamor to your gathering, and takes a little bit of time to assemble, but you won’t regret it. Pop in a movie and cut-cut-cut!

cutting out

The artwork for the geometric banner, the large leaves and pumpkin prints out gray on white paper. You simply cut out the triangles with an xacto knife and then layer gold paper behind the cutout shapes! Your gold paper can be gold scrapbook paper (metallics and glitters are available at your local craft chain like Michael’s) or with gold wrapping paper (we’ve generally found this for $4 a roll). We also LOVE the look of the gold behind BLACK, so to do this, we simply use the gray triangles on white paper as a template, layer black paper below, and cut through both black and white paper at the same time.

cutting out

gold placemats

A large black and white geometric background file makes a great paper table cloth! Here we cut out placemats from our gold wrapping paper, which looks fabulous on top of the plain black and white table covering. Are you intimidated by printing out these huge table coverings? Don’t be! All you need to do is put your files onto a jump drive and walk into Staples. They will take care of the rest. (Still intimidated? Read our instructions here!) A huge 3-foot by 4-foot black and white print costs under $7.

giant leaves artwork

Okay… NOW does that trip to Staples seem worth it? You bet it does. The giant leaves shown in this photo were actually less than 3-foot by 4-foot each (you can tell Staples how large you want to print them) so they only cost about $3-4 each. And that $4 roll of wrapping paper is enough to do the large prints AND the placemats no problem.

place cards

Place cards are pretty cheap and easy too. Just print in black and white on 8.5 x 11 card stock. Then with a gold Sharpie marker ($2) color in some of the triangles. EASY.


Phew… all that cutting paid off.

color in with Sharpie

If you would rather not do the giant table covering, we also have black and white placemats that print inexpensively. You could expect to print these on 11 x 17 paper at your local copy shop for about 15-50 cents each. Again, use a Sharpie to color in some of the triangles.

Next up, we have our Draw Together Thanksgiving Set! This set works just as well for grown-ups as it does for kids! So use this for your kids’ table or let all the adults have extra fun this year, too!

table spread

Our favorite feature of the Draw Together Thanksgiving Set is this giant printable table covering. (Again, remember, it’s SO EASY to print.) Staples is able to print these at 3′ x 4′ or any smaller dimensions you give them. So you simply measure your table: If your table is LESS than 3 feet wide, just ask Staples to print this to whatever your table width is. If your table is MORE than 3 feet wide, first cover your table in butcher paper, and then put this table covering on top, centered to your table. It will look FANTASTIC.

gobble gobble poster

In addition to the giant table covering, the set includes 5 giant images that can be printed and used as black and white wall art OR as giant coloring pages! Have kids who love to color? Set them to work earlier in the day coloring in these pages, and then hang them in time for your meal!

drawing a hand turkey

During your meal, both adults and kids will be entertained by the table covering. Make sure you have enough colored pencils and crayons for everyone! The fun prompts on the table covering are a GREAT conversation facilitator, so this set is a great option if you’re meeting new people at your Thanksgiving dinner! (Your brother’s new girlfriend is coming? She will love this.)

drawing on the table

Okay, I’m just throwing this one in, folks, because it’s my favorite image. I die, I die. And I’m not even this child’s mother. (Alma here writing this; this girl belongs to Melanie!)

placematsFinally, if you prefer not to do the giant table covering, we STILL have you covered. Simply print the provided placemats onto 11 x 17 paper. Cover your table with butcher paper and set the placemats on top! Tape them on with washi tape if you want to get REALLY crafty. These placemats should print for only 15–50 cents each at your local copy shop.

Check out the listings for all information! And if you use either of these this year, we want to see your photos! Share on instagram with the hashtag #caravanshoppe!


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