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Be a Little Better Chalk Art

Our friend Danyelle over at Dandee Designs collaborated with Melanie in designing this beauty. In her post she talks about how her family does a back to school theme before school starts. I just loved this little snippet, “Life can sometimes be discouraging but all that is asked of us each and every day is to try harder than the day before. I wanted our children to know that perfection is not expected and is not attainable in this life. But trying harder? We can all do that.”

Spread inspiration and motivation to be better with this beautiful chalk poster.

"Try a little harder to be a little better" -GBH

Download your free link here

These large format posters can be printed at 36 x 48, (or smaller sizes of 12×16, 24×32, 35×48, etc) and the process is as simple as putting the files on a jump drive and driving to your local Staples. Sound too good to be true? Let us add this cherry on top. Printing will only cost about $6 a poster.

Designed by Melanie Burk

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