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Spice Up Your Notebooks

Covered Notebooks

School is here and why not start off the year with a notebook that’s all your own? These notebooks were so easy and fun to make. I’m hooked! No more boring notebooks for me!

Notebook Supplies

The materials are simple: notebooks, rubber cement, scissors, washi tape, and your favorite prints from the Happiest Backgrounds (I’m in love with these prints! You can use them everywhere! I just used them to decorate for my son’s first birthday party).

Using rubber cement for notebook covering

Cut a piece from your print just larger than your notebook cover. Apply a coat of rubber cement to the front of your notebook and the back of the print. Let dry.

Trimming excess paper off notebooks

Carefully lay the print on the notebook and then use your fingers to press in on nicely. Using rubber cement that has dried on two surfaces creates a bond that will be really hard to separate. The corners shouldn’t peel this way. Trim off the edges with your scissors.

Finished Notebook

Use washi tape or anything your heart desires to decorate your notebook and make it your own!

Finished Notebooks

Easy, Right? No more boring school supplies for us!

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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