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Monkey Tic Tac Toe – Road Trip Style

Monkey Tic Tac Toe

Heading out of town on a road trip, and you’re trying to find ways to occupy the kids that don’t start with the letter “i”? We’ve got you covered. Download the Match That Monkey file and let’s get started.


Basically we are making the little monkey match game, but swapping magnets for wooden circle tiles.


1. Use your 1 inch paper punch to cut out the 24 little monkey faces, and 24 little banana circles.

2. Open up your self laminating pouch and slowly peel back the paper to reveal the sticky surface. Carefully lay out your 48 circles image side down. Close up the pouch and press to seal. I used a boning knife to press evenly and around each little circle.

3. Put on a movie and cut the 48 circles. Be sure to leave a little bit of laminated edge around each one. Separate your circles into groups – monkeys and bananas.

4. Lay all of your monkeys face down. Apply a dab of adhesive to a magnet button, and attach it to the back of the monkey circles. Now add another dab of glue to the magnet and set the banana circles on top face up. Tip: Space out your monkeys, the magnets will pull each other from the side too. Give the glue time to dry before playing with the game.

5. Now let’s make this game mobile. On a small cookie sheet use your washi tape to make a little tic tac toe grid. Done.

Monkey Tic Tac Toe

Let the kids pick if they are going to be monkeys or bananas (Os and Xs). Challenge them to a little road trip tic tac toe. When they are ready for a new game, flip over all the magnets and play match that monkey.

You are ready to travel. Two games, one project, and it’s road ready.

Written by Nikki from Salty Pineapple

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