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Time for a Road Trip

Time for a road trip

Growing up on island that is 44 miles long and 30 miles across the term “road trip” was so mysterious, and slightly unfathomable. It wasn’t until I was in college, and lived on the mainland, that I went on my first road trip. While my friends and I may have thought, “are we there yet?” no one ever said it.

Fast forward ten plus years. Road trips are a great way to haul the kids, all their junk, and dad’s mountain bike on a family vacation without breaking the bank. Three kids in the car, one hour in to a measly three hour drive and the kids are asking the dreaded… “Are we there yet?” You close your eyes and answer in the best sing song happy voice, “No we’re not, and we have a lovely two more hours to gooooo!” Creating memories is the best.

This summer you can keep your family busy with fun printables from Caravan Shoppe.

– Make Olliblock magnets and use a small cookie sheet as a metal desk.
– Print copies of the Star Spangled Map and have the kids color in the route of your trip. Add small stickers for any stops you make.
– Play the licence plate game.
– Challenge the kids to a game of Match that Monkey. Check back tomorrow to see how we make it road trip ready!

Happy travels friends. Don’t forget your souvenir spoon.

Written by Nikki from Salty Pineapple

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