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Happiest Party Decorations

When it comes to party decorations, I believe simple is the way to go. Why spend a ton of time on something that will be looked at for only an hour? My son turned one this past week, and I was able to keep things easy and still have some really great decorations.

Party Banner

To make my decorations I used the Happiest Background prints. I love these prints because there are so many possibilities to do with them! I printed off some of my favorite designs at Staples in the 24 x 36 inch size.


To make the flags, you will need some wood picks, rubber cement, and scissors. Cut strips about 1 1/4 by 4 inches long. Fold in half to create a crease. This makes folding after you’ve applied the glue much easier. Apply rubber cement to the entire back of the strip and let dry completely. (Did you know rubber cement works the best when you apply it to the two sides you’re glueing together and letting it dry all the way? So cool.) Once the glue dries, place a pick near the center and fold back in half. Cut a triangle out of the end of the flag using your scissors.


Stick your flags in cupcakes, put a few in a larger cake, or use them to label food items!

Cutting out banner

To create the bunting, you will need to make a stencil. My stencil was 4 by 5 inches with a triangle 1 1/2 inches deep cut out of it and marks for a hole punch. (If you plan to make smaller bunting than my size, I recommend printing the Happiest Backgrounds in a smaller size.) Now stencil on the back of your prints, cut them out, and use a hole punch to create two holes for the string.


Lastly, use string to hang your flags all together!

Happy Birthday!

What did I tell you? Easy decorations! I love that with these Happiest Background prints, you can add other colors to personalize your party. I used primary colors, but how cute would this look with pink for a girl or neon colors? Once you make these decorations, they are easy to use over and over again!

Written by Krista from Lazy Saturdays

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