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$20,000 Reached! And a Stretch Goal!

Thanks to your support, we reached our goal of $20,000 this weekend! We are so grateful to you for backing us and for spreading the word to your friends! Words cannot express how excited we are that this dream can be a reality.

STRETCH GOAL: Monsters & Superheroes and Careers

GOOD NEWS! We thought that we’d have to wait a year to release more Mixmates designs, but because you have been so supportive, we have a shot at being able to release more Mixmates this fall! If we can raise another $5,000 we will be able to add limited production runs of Monsters & Superheroes and our all-new Careers set.

But we only have 4 days to reach our new goal, and we won’t be able to do it without your help! Please share the Mixmates! It doesn’t have to be big—just tell your best friend, or your sister, or your instagram or facebook friends about the Mixmates.

If we hit $25,000, two exciting things will happen:

1) As a THANK YOU—we will send EVERYONE who has pledged $25 or more a magnet set of our Careers Mixmates! (Perfect for little hands playing on the go or on the fridge!)

2) We will UNLOCK a new pledge level that will enable you to add FACTORY PRODUCED Monsters & Superheroes and Careers to your current rewards for $25. That means you can have 4 sets of Mixmates!

Caravan on Kickstarter stretch goal announcement

Our campaign ends this Friday at midnight Pacific Time, so we have just a few days to see if we can make this happen. Thank you again for all of your support—we are so excited!!

Written by Melanie & Alma

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