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#365patterns Round-up

Happy Monday, everyone! Today we’re sharing our first weekly roundup from our #365patterns challenge that’s happening over on Instagram. We’ve said it before and we’re probably going to say it at least 37 more times before the year is over… You guys are AMAZING! We continue to be challenged and inspired every time we scroll through these patterns and it is so hard narrowing down our picks each week. We hope that you will head on over to Instagram and take a look at all of the other patterns tagged with the #365patterns hashtag to see the ones that aren’t featured here because there are some great ones!

But, without further ado, here are our favorite patterns from this past week! P.S. If you feel like joining in on the voting, take a look through the patterns submitted each week and tag your favorites with the hashtag #365patternsfaves! Each week we will be featuring the patterns that get the most votes from you guys, so even if you aren’t designing patterns yourself, vote, vote, VOTE!

April Week 1-01

An awesome series by @samossie

April Week 1-02

A few florals by @helgavaradi, @einekleineds@ashleylaurensnyder

April Week 1-03

Garden patterns by @stephfizercoleman, @einekleineds, @dianagosi

April Week 1-04

Animal patterns by @almaloveland@helgavaradi@brookewittdesign

April Week 1-05

Plus a few bright and fun patterns by @fifthandhazel, @printsmitten, @tammiecbennett

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