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#365patterns Round-up

As we’ve gone through this 365 pattern challenge, it’s been amazing to see the themes and coordinating patterns that have popped up. For the February roundup, we decided to share patterns that showcased how in sync you all are. So here… we… go!

feb patterns-06

Floral patterns by @studiopano, @muffinhgrayson, @fifthandhazel

feb patterns-07

And a few more by @einekleineds, @almaloveland, @bethanjanine

feb patterns-01

Space designs by @fifthandhazel, @almaloveland, @samanthawwilson

feb patterns-04

Simple geometric patterns by @threeumbrellas, @anniekblake, @tammiecbennett

feb patterns-03

A few more simple shape patterns by @tammiecbennett, @livylovedesigns@studiopano

feb patterns-05

Tribal themed patterns by @please_repeat_that, @please_repeat_that, @echo_bravo_charlie

feb roundup-02

Plus a few patterns featuring people by @alexloveslogan, @samossie@almaloveland

Aren’t these perfect? We told you: there is so much talent in one little hashtag. Follow along and share some love and encouragement, maybe even a few critiques with the designers who are participating. And stay tuned for tomorrow’s March roundup!


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