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Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys!

$15 for everything, or $5-$7 a piece, these monkey printables are easy and fun!

At Caravan we’re going ape over Mike’s new Monkey products! During the months of December and January, Mike painstakingly painted these pleasant primates, and we’re so excited to share with you. We’ve made the monkeys into three different products, so purchase the one that suits you best, or purchase all three at a discounted price.

One thing that we can promise you about these monkeys is that children have responded really well to them! Our 1.5-yr-old Joan still jumps around and says “Bunkies! Bunkies! Bunkies!” every time she sees them… which actually happens every day (we’ve been testing these products for two months now!). Our 4-year-old, Oliver, asks to play Match That Monkey every day, and we’re thrilled to see how he’s been developing concentration skills. We’ve taught him techniques to remember where each monkey is, and are pleased (or ashamed?) to say that he’s started beating us without us even letting him.

MATCH THAT MONKEY was our original vision for this project. Mike created 12 monkeys so that children could play a robust memory game. We use 2-inch circle tiles from, but you can use any sturdy circle shape (or square shape!) or none at all if you’re just looking for a game to play a few times before you throw it away, or print another copy.

MONKEY MASKS was a natural next step in our monkey adventures. We printed ours and adhered them to black matboard for durability, but these could be printed and used as-is (just on paper) or adhered to cardboard. It’s up to you!

MONKEY ART came together for those who want to give prime real estate to these primates on the walls of their home. It comes with a poster displaying all monkeys, or 4-inch and 7-inch versions of all monkeys.

And finally, MONKEY MADNESS is for those who can’t decide or for those who want it all (and at a discount!). If you have a little one who loves monkeys, this would be great for hosting a party. Use the small monkey heads as cupcake toppers, the masks in your activity. Get creative and have fun!

As always, we love seeing what you are doing with our products. On Instagram, share a pic and use the hashtag #caravanshoppe, or on Facebook, upload a photo to our timeline!

Designed by Mike Loveland

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