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#365patterns (A Design Challenge)

design challenge

If  you follow us on instagram, you have probably noticed that we created a pattern challenge for ourself this year called 365 Patterns. (Follow @fifthandhazel or @almaloveland to see)

We challenged each other, thinking it would be a great way to stay fresh, new, and do something fun each day. We didn’t think anyone else would be crazy enough to want to join us, and so we were amazed when other designers asked to join!

We have been amazed and awed by the great response it has had by our friends. We LOVE seeing how this has become a collaborative challenge, and a great way to push the design community. It is inspiring to us, and an awesome thing to see. We have been so excited by the great response that we have been brainstorming and contacting companies to see what we could do to reward ourselves and all these other designers that are working so hard.

preview of patterns

fifth & hazel

We  are going to be doing the following:

-We will be creating a book at the end of the year, where we will group patterns and curate our favorite (and most popular) patterns of the year. (This will be published on blurb for anyone to purchase in January 2014)

-We will feature patterns weekly (based on viewers response and our personal favorites) on our blog right here.

-We are working on something really exciting, that is top secret right now, but will be an amazing reward (hopefully financially) for our favorite weekly patterns (more details to come soon)

Pattern preview

alma loveland

We welcome anyone who wants to join in, and if anyone wants to follow along and see the patterns, just search the hashtag #365patterns. Even if you aren’t a designer, please leave comments and help encourage and give feedback to the other designers.

preview of penguin pattern

fifth & hazel

If you are a designer, artist, or creative, we would love to  have you participate! Don’t get hung up on 365 patterns–if you can participate once a week, once a month, whatever fits your schedule, we would love to have your participation! If you want to participate, please do the following:

1. Design whatever you want as a pattern (it can be by hand, on computer, etc)

2. Post it on instagram and tag it #365patterns (Feel free to blog about it)

3. Let your viewers know that this is a collaborative event with lots of designers, and to see the collection of patterns and for more details to go to the caravan blog

*Obviously you will own full copyright to your pattern, and anything we share will be by your permission only. 

We are so excited about this amazing design challenge, and can’t wait to see the beautiful patterns you design!

preview of pattern

alma loveland



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