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Large Format Chalk Maps

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Chalk is all the rage right now, but who has time to make a chalk wall in their own home and then find a really talented friend to draw something cool on it? These unique (and bonus: educational!) chalk maps are the perfect solution to enjoying the chalk trend, and getting huge and inexpensive artwork up on your walls.

At Caravan we make it easy and inexpensive for you. Simply purchase these fantastic files, created by Melanie Burk, and you will receive a download link in your inbox. Download the files, put them on a jump drive, and walk into your local Staples (or any other print shop that has a large format black and white printer—call ahead and ask!). These huge posters (36 x 48) print for about $6 each. Huge impact art has never been so affordable or so easy!

As with all of our products, you can print as many copies as you like, so print off a map for you, and add a few for your closest friends!

Designed by Melanie Burk

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